The Timothy Project

SE Asia

Through our regional center in southeast Asia, GNPI is using strategic evangelism to share the Gospel with Buddhists. Our friend, Timothy P., is leading the charge and plays a key role in developing effective tools and strategies for reaching Buddhist nations. Through the initiatives he oversees, which we call The Timothy Project, GNPI is helping Buddhists in Asia discover that life is found in the one true God, Jesus Christ.

Timothy’s Story

Timothy was born in a remote village in southeast Asia, the youngest of five children. His parents were elders in the local non-denominational church, and at the age of 8, Timothy decided to follow Jesus, too. At university, he studied zoology and after graduation, he worked as a state-appointed high school science teacher. But Timothy’s heart was in evangelism, and more than any other subject, he wanted to teach people about Jesus and his kingdom. He quit his job, and enrolled at a Bible college.

Eventually, Timothy was offered a teaching position at the college. In his free time, he walked or rode his bicycle to surrounding villages to preach the Gospel. Friends and students came along, and within two years, they saw 30 Buddhists leave their former religion and follow Jesus.  

During these early years, Timothy remembers going from village to village, talking with the pagoda elders and heads of Buddhist monasteries. Many people told him that while they liked Christians, they weren’t interested in hearing about Christianity because it was a western religion. “We have our own god,” they told him. “We have our own religion."

Despite these cultural barriers, Timothy was seeing some success. But going from village to village on foot seemed like an inefficient way to share the good news. Millions of people in his country needed to hear about Jesus, and he began to ask God for methods that would multiply his efforts. Timothy remembers praying, “Lord, show me a way to penetrate this nation that is 10,000 times faster.”


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