Redefining the Church


Redefining the Church is a series produced at GNPI-Kenya. It’s designed for those who are tired and disillusioned by the status quo of the church today. The programs are reaching more than 2,500 households weekly through broadcasts on three local stations. 

The vision for Redefining the Church all began as the team in Kenya prayed and considered other creative ways to influence young people and develop Christian character in the next generation. Isaac Masiga, who leads the team in Kenya, says that even though statistics show the percentage of Christians in Kenya is quite high, unfortunately, not many of these Christians reflect Christ. For some, that is due to a lack of knowledge.

The goal of this project is to address this issue by providing insights and understanding to eventually transform how they think, what they believe, and how they act. The team intends for the series to reveal the authentic, accurate, and relevant church emerging as a fulfillment of God’s purposes for the nations. They also want to challenge people to balance the priorities of faith, prayer, giving, ministry, and work.

The Redefining the Church series focuses on having a biblical perspective in all aspects of life. It includes, but is not limited to, sports, marriage, industry, commerce, media, and entertainment. 

Their strategy is to release the project on mainstream media platforms, and the team is measuring the results through online social media conversations and comments. The cost of Redefining the Church for the next season is $3,318, and we pray this project will continue to make a significant impact on the church in Kenya.

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