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Project Nomad

Who is involved?

Last summer, we took Nomad training to Ukraine through a program called Eurasia Media Challenge 2.0. Angela Morse, who also works with GNPI’s team in Thailand, trained two groups of students at two different locations. The first training block was held  on the campus of Kremenchug Evangelical Seminary. The second block took place on the campus of Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary, near Kiev. 

We hosted 20 students at each week-long course. Over five days, we encouraged and equipped them to develop media ministries at their home churches. We taught them how to write scripts for videos, set up lighting, use audio equipment, and conduct interviews. Then, they had the opportunity to practice what they learned and received constructive feedback from our team of trainers. 

This generation of young leaders was eager to share the gospel and quick to learn new technology; they just needed someone to show them how. With our Nomad training programs, GNPI channels their enthusiasm for evangelism toward specific projects and helps them get started. By the end of the week, participants understood how to communicate the gospel effectively through media, and they have the skills to produce high-quality, Christ-centered content. 

The story didn’t end when the week was over. Our team continues to interact with participants, sending them additional training resources, and assigning them new projects. The 40 students we trained in July could become part of future Nomad teams, and we hope many of them will train others in the skills they learn. Another Nomad participant from Togo, Africa, told us, "This training is the missing piece of the puzzle we've been looking for." We pray that it is, and that many more people hear the good news as a result.

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Nomad Academy

Project Nomad goes digital with Nomad Academy, an online training platform that not only teaches content creation but online strategy and distribution as well. By utilizing the Internet, we aren’t only expanding our program but also our international reach. The curriculum uses simple wording for English language learners which we plan to quickly translate into several strategic languages. GNPI’s international staff members will serve as regional Nomad Academy coaches, providing guidance for students as they work their way through the material. To help me explain each major course of Nomad Academy, here are four of those international coaches



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