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OneTribe Peace Project

Mbale, Uganda

Transforming Communities

OneTribe recordings have proven to be such a valuable resource that they’re being adapted to other contexts, like primary and secondary schools. They’re also being used in local forums to settle civil disputes among townspeople. Even South Sudanese government officials have contacted us to share stories about the impact we’re having in their communities.

That’s one of the factors that makes this program a form of strategic evangelism. Many refugees come from cultures that emphasize group goals over individual progress, so in order to reach them, we needed a strategy that was based on that worldview. In the OneTribe broadcasts and follow-up, we emphasize community-based solutions and group discussions. That approach is meaningful and relevant to these populations. We’re also utilizing a medium—radio broadcasting—that may seem a little old-fashioned to westerners but is highly accessible to our target audience.

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