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OneTribe Peace Project

Mbale, Uganda

Peace Instead of Vengeance

GNPI was recently contacted by a woman named Christine, who wanted to tell us how the OneTribe Peace Project impacted her. When she was 4 years old, Christine went to the market and came home to find that her entire family, including six siblings, had been slaughtered in a violent machete attack. Fearing for her life, she fled immediately, eventually reaching Malawi.

When she was 20 years old, she began dating a young man and got engaged. Christine hadn’t told her fiance about her tragic childhood and wanted him to know the full story before they got married. She told him about the murder of her family, and he broke down in tears. Two weeks later, he came to Christine to confess: he was the man who had murdered her family.

Christine was shocked and furious. She bought a gun, determined to kill her family’s murderer. But first, Christine contacted her friend, Julia, to tell her what had happened. Julia was also a refugee living in the same country as Christine, and she shared some of the OneTribe radio recordings with her, urging Christine to listen before she acted on her plan.

When she heard the broadcasts, Christine was powerfully affected. Rather than seeking vengeance, she forgave the man who murdered her family. Not only that, but eventually, they decided to continue with their plans to get married and started a new family together. Christine’s life was transformed when she learned that peace was possible through Jesus Christ.

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