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Digital Discipleship

How do we create opportunities for our community to start a journey with Jesus? The question isn’t new. In fact, it’s as old as the Church itself. While the truth of Jesus always remains the same, the pathway to meet him needs to be culturally relevant. The answer must change for every generation.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Digital Discipleship. It’s a strategic plan to use online tools to create a pathway for your community to start a journey with Jesus

Using media to reach the unreached is a strategy that has been used for years worldwide with great success. We believe God can and will use this same strategy to reach the Unaware and Dechurched right here in the USA. 


Below are articles and videos to help build perspective both on the larger goal of this initiative and highlight examples of how this strategy is working. 

Carey Nieuwhof Article



Now that we have some perspective, the following resources underline the strategy that this initiative employs to make disciples.

Joplin, MO Community Profile

Joplin, MO Facebook Audience Insights

Audience Insights for People who 'Like' Jesus

Example Personas



Below are some helpful technologies to make this task a simple as possible.

Any helpful technologies from Kenny and Jon? I (DJ) have been working on a web app to automate demographic gathering and persona generation, but it probably won't be done for another couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'll put the completed community profile in the 'perspective' area

Media Content


Samples of social media ads that correspond to the personas outlined above



Kenny Osborn is the Co-Founder and Lead Consultant for Forward Partners.  He currently works with some of the most innovative and forward thinking ministries in the world.  Kenny has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a Certified Strategic Planner through the Patterson Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  He has helped build operational strategies for more than 25 ministries across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.  There is often a gap between the strategies that are built and the execution of those strategies - Kenny is passionate about helping ministries close those gaps and become more and more effective.


Jon Ralls is the owner of Kavanah Media.  He has been working with clients and students for the last 15 years in the Communications and Media Industries. After spending almost a decade working and living overseas (Taiwan), he and his team are now working with clients from all around the world.

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