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Aug 27, 2021


Since 1976, GNPI has produced culturally relevant media to share the gospel to fulfill our vision of filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). After seeing the remarkable results from our 24 teams last year, our board decided to move forward with the 100 Lights Capital Campaign.

The three goals for this capital campaign are:

1. Establish Nomad Academy, an online media training platform to launch and equip 100 individuals/teams within the GNPI network by 2025.

2. Upgrade production equipment globally and locally.

3. Reserve funds for future opportunities.

You’ve moved the needle on the 100 Lights campaign to $1 million. Since the official launch of the campaign in April, we have raised funds through meetings, print appeals, and social media requests. We are not only seeking funding from current supporters, but we are also working to identify new sources of support from churches, individuals, and foundations.

We officially launched the campaign in April 2021, and it will continue until December 2022. Our goal is to have $1.45 million in pledges by December 2021, which will allow those who pledged an additional year to fulfill their commitments. Our efforts to establish 100 media teams in the GNPI network will be ongoing, with an anticipated completion date of 2025.

Thank you for bringing us this far! We could never succeed without your valuable partnership!


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