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You Can Choose Faith>Fear!

Apr 15, 2020

We learn so much from each other's stories, don't we? 

One mom noticed increasing complaints from her elementary school daughter as COVID-19 caused more and more disruptions. The mom sat down with her daughter and explained that people face choices about how they react in these difficult days. Wow! What a great lesson for you and me. It’s natural to focus on our own grief, but we can also look beyond ourselves to consider how God might use this crisis to help us grow. 

In our series Faith>Fear you will have the opportunity to hear from all kinds of people, fields, and perspectives. For some, life goes on in many of the same ways even though it feels very different, especially for healthcare workers like Karolyn Schrage or Sheriff Randee Kaiser. For others like student Timothy Vaipan, they are literally living in a very different place or in very different circumstances.

Almost all our guests, however, point out that this time must be used to stay connected and grow in relationship with God. “I think this whole situation is causing us to focus on things that really matter," says Dr. Chris DeWelt, director of intercultural studies at Ozark Christian College.

Though we are facing a lot of fear and anxiety these days, the variety of viewpoints heard on Faith>Fear shows that there truly are many ways to cope with the circumstances and approach them with hope. As our guest, Ruthann Weece said, "I think sometimes we get fearful that this is the end of something, but I truly believe, in times like this, God can use this for the beginning."

In Luke 17, the disciples asked Jesus, “Increase our faith!” Let's ask him to do the same for us.

Click here to see the inspiring ways these people are choosing Faith>Fear.


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