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Worth the Wait

Oct 06, 2020

Timothy, Regional Director at GNPI-SE Asia

You helped provide training for 15 leaders from five tribes in our Buddhist nation.

Our team planned to have the training in May, but we had to wait until the government lifted the lockdowns so we could travel. We finally got to do it in August, and it was worth the wait!

A Christian pastor who attended one of our month-long training events last year invited our team to hold a training in his state. We were excited about this opportunity because our goal is to share the truth of Jesus and train believers from each tribe to make disciples in every part of our country and in the four surrounding Buddhist nations.

However, this trip was not without obstacles. Four of us traveled by car for over 18 hours to get to the village. Rain poured for the first three days of the training and prevented some villagers from attending the training. Attackers killed three people and burned a motorcycle near the place where we were holding the training. We had to travel more than an hour each day for lodging and food for the group, but it was worth the wait.

Despite all the challenges, because of your prayers and support, we made the most of the time each day. During one of our daily commutes, we explained the gospel to two Buddhist young women who were attending the training. They told us they were convinced that Jesus is the Son of God, but they said it would be difficult to follow him in their culture. We continue to pray for these young women who accepted our biblical resources and now have friendships with local believers. Another day, God allowed us to teach three men from the village about Jesus, and they decided to worship him alone and follow His Word! It was worth the wait.

A family of new believers also came to meet us. The husband is Nepali, and his wife is Chinese. Our friend who invited us to provide the training has been teaching them. He baptized the husband eight days before we came. This couple is interested in learning how to share their faith.

We returned home safely, and now our whole country is under strict lockdown again due to the increase of coronavirus cases. You made training a new group of people to create media and share Jesus in SE Asia possible. The trainees are excited to help multiply disciples! May God richly bless you and show you that what you're doing for his kingdom around the world is definitely worth the wait.

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