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Regional Directors Share 100 Lights Vision

Apr 26, 2021

You have friends around the world who work diligently to lead their teams in creating media and sharing Jesus. They know the importance of reaching out to people in culturally relevant ways, and they are committed to reaching their part of the world for Christ. That's why they have a special invitation for you.

GNPI-Eurasia - Sergei

GNPI-India - Manee

GNPI-Kenya - Isaac

GNPI-Mexico - Gustavo

GNPI-Philippines - Nenette

GNPI-SE Asia - Timothy

GNPI-Thailand - Warawoot

GNPI-Uganda - Production Manager Othaina Eid

Because of your support, these national workers are creating relevant media, proclaiming the Good News, AND empowering Jesus followers to do the same. Thank you!


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