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We Are GNPI: Meet Jaz

Nov 03, 2020

We are GNPI: 110 talented staff located around the world, seven dedicated board members, and you—one of the thousands of faithful prayer and financial partners. It’s only when we all work together, with God as our head, that we can effectively create media and share Jesus. So let’s take some time and get to know each other a little better. 

First up, let’s meet Jazmier Hanif from GNPI-Philippines.

Jaz is our videographer/technical expert/social media specialist.

What’s your favorite book of the Bible and why?

Genesis would be my favorite book. When I first read the Bible, I really wanted to do it chronologically, even though I was advised to start with the New Testament. I was always curious and fascinated by the story of creation. I watched all kinds of movie adaptations about Genesis or creation. For me, reading it for the first time provided many answers to my "hows" but also gave me a lot of new questions as well.

What’s your favorite food?

There's a lot of delicious Filipino food to choose from, but my favorite would be a Pakistani dish my father and I always cook for Sundays when our big family is all together for lunch. It's a spicy rice meal with meat; it can be made with beef, chicken, mutton, or seafood.

Why do you love GNPI, and what excites you about the future?

At first, I was just grateful to have a source of income. But along the way, I found that doing God's work is a privilege. Seeing a whole lot of people united to do God’s work through media is really inspiring. I am excited about reaching people and spreading His word with the help of new technologies.

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