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Training Opportunities for GNPI-Eurasia

Aug 29, 2019

Our GNPI-Eurasia team spent the month of July crisscrossing the country, offering seminars and training programs to a variety of people in a variety of places. Pastors, church planters, and believers of all backgrounds are eager for strong, biblical teaching. Regional director Sergei has a passion to train others and see them flourish. Lately, he tells us, the topics he’s asked to speak about most often are missions and family. 

The month started with a training session in the northern city of Sumy. It included seminars on biblical strategies for evangelism, which were open to all area churches. They also offered a family and parenting conference for church leaders and their spouses. Sergei was invited to give a message on the challenges of spiritual growth at the most established congregation in the city. 

Sergei says, “For us, it was not just an opportunity to share, but also a great encouragement to see the diversity of God’s children. Although they differ in traditions and approaches, they are united by their longing to be his presence in the world.”

After a quick stop in Kiev to refresh their book supply, the team headed to Kharkiv to hold a conference for Sunday school teachers and children’s ministry workers. Shaping the biblical worldview of the next generation is a strategic priority for GNPI-Eurasia. The education system in their part of the world is built on atheism and evolutionary principles. Equipping parents and church workers to instruct children in biblical truth is vital in order to counteract the messages kids receive at school.

Earlier this year, the GNPI-Eurasia team spent time developing resources for elementary school children. At the conference, they were able to use these tools to encourage and train teachers and parents. Sergei and his team are now working on similar resources for teens. 

Next, the team traveled south to Odessa to present workshops at the Youth Missions Conference. The first workshop offered a biblical overview of missions, from Genesis to Revelation. It also highlighted biblical models for implementing the Great Commission based on the ministries of Jesus and Paul. 

The second workshop had a narrower focus. Sergei discussed the issue of culture shock for missionaries who are entering different cultures for the first time, including its causes, nature, dynamics, and methods for coping with it. The workshop ended with a unique practical application: a girl who had recently returned from a missions trip to Cambodia passed around the arthropod delicacies she had gotten there. It really enhanced the students’ understanding of the missionary prayer: “Where you lead me, I will follow; what you feed me, help me swallow.” 

From Odessa, the team went straight to Lviv to meet with a group of musicians and scientists (what an explosive mixture!). They have a vision to launch a children’s camp for kids from diverse backgrounds, including those with special needs, and were interested in some of the resources GNPI-Eurasia has developed. The organizers hope to provide a balanced mixture of the emotional and the intellectual through music and apologetics. GNPI has already sent several resources to help with the camp, and Sergei has been asked to speak at the event. 

To finish out the month, Sergei and his team taught a training seminar on practical evangelism in Lisbon, Portugal, to a congregation of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Although they are far from their homeland, they rejoice that their real citizenship is in heaven. Many of these immigrants are working as cab drivers, which provides them with opportunities for personal evangelism. Our coworkers spent two days with them, exploring biblical principles of personal evangelism and discussing biblical foundations for the family. These meetings were especially encouraging for our GNPI-Eurasia team members who have also been displaced from their homes.

July was a busy month for GNPI-Eurasia, but really, they’re all busy months! Around the world, our regional centers and Nomad teams are preaching the gospel and training kingdom workers for strategic evangelism, and we’re hearing about more opportunities daily. If you’d like to learn more about how you can pray for Sergei, GNPI-Eurasia, and the rest of our global team, click here to sign up for our weekly prayer emails. If you’d like to give toward our projects in Eurasia and other parts of the world, click here to learn how you can partner with us financially.


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