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The Best Kind of Investment

Sep 21, 2020

Children bring us some of the best highlights in life. Watching little ones discover the world gives joy to people around them. But, let's be honest—answering all their questions can be exhausting, especially when we're not sure what to say. You've been there, we've been there! That's why we're so excited about the Lillian Project. This 13-part series is designed to provide encouragement, hope, and answers from a biblical perspective for Muslim mothers and their children. 

Children are the future. With Arabic being the primary language in 25 countries, this series has the potential to influence millions. You can make an eternal impact on a son, daughter, brother, sister, or mother in a country you may never visit and in a language you may never speak.

The total cost for the Lillian Project is only $10,921. What a small investment for the opportunity to reach 313 million Arabic speakers! Together we can make a difference. 

This pandemic has caused people to seek truth like never before. Because of your faithfulness in partnering with GNPI, we are seeing the power of culturally relevant media. Even when missionaries can’t travel and churches can’t gather, media can still reach every corner of the world with the truth and hope of Jesus.

You are the reason so many are growing in their faith and learning about Jesus, often for the first time. Together we are making disciples who make disciples. Thank you!

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