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Jul 21, 2021

Thanks to you, God is connecting Christians and delivering hope to seekers.
Our 23 teams are creating media and sharing Jesus all around the world. In India alone, each week 640,000 devices log on to Hindi Church Online (produced in the GNPI studio in India) for fellowship and teaching. Your partnership with GNPI is bringing revival to India. Our team in India recently held an online VBS with classes for all ages. The team’s next challenge is starting seven different online Sunday School classes.

Thanks to you, GNPI is training new leaders.
This summer, our coworkers trained others in Mexico and SE Asia. We’re also excited about the upcoming launch of Nomad Academy. This online training platform not only teaches content creation but also online strategy and distribution. The four major courses of Nomad Academy are Strategy, Story, Shooting, and Sharing. Nomad Academy sets up the opportunity to train unlimited individuals or teams to use media to share the light of Christ with people in their cultures. 

Thanks to you, GNPI is moving forward and is already halfway to the goal for 100 Lights.
By working together, we can reach the goal. It’s not too late to make the world a brighter place this summer. In fact, a generous donor wants to match any funds you give towards 100 Lights. If you’re not already a part of our 100 Lights team, please prayerfully consider joining today!


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