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Project Nomad Goes Digital

May 03, 2021

You are valuable partners, and we are honored to work with you. God calls believers to work together to make disciples. Through Nomad Academy, we are answering this call by igniting, equipping, and multiplying disciples. Nomad Academy is an expansion of our previously established Project Nomad—a project designed to train nationals in media production and discipleship. While this project has been successful, high demand for training events and increased difficulty in traveling have acted as barriers. Nomad Academy addresses these challenges and propels our disciple-making efforts in three ways: 

  • Providing online media ministry training for leaders around the world 
  • Teaching media production and social media marketing strategies
  • Implementing end-to-end strategy from online media to disciple making

Nomad Academy will be available in English first, followed by Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese, with more languages to follow. 

Upon completion of Nomad Academy, participants will have the skills to create online gospel content focusing on the needs and questions of their own cultures. While many media training courses are offered online, very few are specific to foreign nationals in Christian ministry—the DNA and mission of GNPI are ideal to develop this initiative and fill this need.

Nomad Academy is a subset of a larger strategy of GNPI, called 100 Lights. With your support of our capital campaign over the next two years, GNPI hopes to launch 100 media teams worldwide to create content and share the Good News. Nomad Academy is the strategy to launch these teams, and the 100 Lights capital campaign is the means to fund Nomad Academy. 

Please join us in praying that God would use this online training platform for his glory and as a conduit for making disciples worldwide.


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