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GNPI-Eurasia - My King

Feb 27, 2020

Мой Царь (My King)



"The Bible says my king is the king of the Jews.

He's the king of Israel.

He's the king of righteousness.

He's the king of the ages.

He's the king of heaven.

He's the king of glory.

He's the King of kings and he's the Lord of lords; that's my king.

I wonder, do you know him?"

This excerpt begins a famous section of Dr. S.M. Lockridge's sermon, "That's My King," first preached in 1976. Videos of his poetic description of King Jesus on YouTube have over 11 billion views. 

Dr. Lockridge’s powerful message transcends cultures and languages. Our team in Eurasia wanted to share his words with Russian speakers. In 2017, Sergei, the regional director of GNPI-Eurasia, translated the text and shared it on social media. With such a profound message, the team gathered ideas to produce it as a short video in Russian with English subtitles.


Do You Know Him?

They filmed at a former coffee shop that now belongs to a local church partner. And the guy speaking? He’s a youth leader at a different church, who attended some children’s camps organized by GNPI-Eurasia when he was a kid! As he recites Dr. Lockridge’s sermon, he constructs a collage of items that represent what the world values: money, travel, jewelry, mobile devices, construction materials, travel, games, and so on. All of these things of worldly importance are ultimately worthless if you do not know Jesus.


Spreading the Message

The GNPI-Eurasia team continues to work discreetly in restricted areas. One way they are able to safely spread the gospel is by sharing videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. Please pray that God will continue to protect them and that their work will bear fruit! And please consider partnering with them through a financial contribution. You can learn more about how to give to GNPI’s global projects here. 


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