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Apr 25, 2019

Jesus is building his church, and he wants us to join the movement of bringing the gospel to all peoples. It can be intimidating to know where to begin. MomentumYes is designed to give followers of Jesus the confidence to go make disciples of their neighbors and the nations.

GNPI creates strategic resources for people all over the world. MomentumYes is one of our newest collaborative projects, especially for those in the United States. Crossroads Christian Church, in Newburgh, Indiana, developed a discipleship tool to help everyday people in their congregation gain a deeper global perspective. It was so useful that other churches began asking for the curriculum. Crossroads Christian Church asked GNPI and Kevin Bryan of Visual Poet Studios to help complete and launch this project in 2018. We are excited to offer this online, video-based curriculum to our ministry partners at no charge.

Jesus deserves to be known and loved throughout the world. God’s plan for us, as people of the Church, is to tell the world the Good News of Jesus! Throughout all of Scripture, God is relentless about seeing his entire creation redeemed. MomentumYes helps us maximize our opportunity to make Jesus known here, near, and far away.

It’s common to face challenges of limited time, distractions, and discouragement whenever you commit to something new. This series helps people learn as a group and work together to think about and do what Jesus says.

MomentumYes is...

• a video-based curriculum for small groups, which will enable this generation to carry out the mission

• an easy-to-use tool, which teaches, inspires, and equips everyday people to rethink the Lord’s mission

• designed to actively engage believers in taking the next steps in God’s mission

It ​can be used with a group of any size. Each session consists of videos, discussion questions, and activities directly from the website.

In order to go through the MomentumYes course you’ll need:

• A place to gather

• An internet connection fast enough to stream the video segments

• A way for everyone to view the videos and discussion questions at once (a television or a projector and sound system that can be hooked up to a computer)

• An e-book and ebook reader or app for each group member

MomentumYes is a nine-hour course that helps everyday people engage in next steps into God’s mission with a foundation to make those steps meaningful. Check out the course overview for an outline of the topics covered or browse the session content.

Some parts of MomentumYes are meant to be customized to fit your group's specific context, so be sure to read through the Group Leader Guide as you prepare for each session. There are promotional materials to tell people about your upcoming group. You can also choose whether you want to go through MomentumYes in six 90-minute sessions or twelve 45-minute sessions.

RETHINK God's Mission/Our Call/Your Role

MomentumYes is 100% free for you to use. Bring MomentumYes to your small group:


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