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Living a Life on Purpose After Cancer

Mar 26, 2020

Glenda Resurreccion worked with our GNPI-Philippines team a few years ago in our Say it Forward series, sharing the story of how God sustained her through a Stage Three breast cancer diagnosis and the treatments that followed. Glenda now believes God may have extended her life to share the good news of Jesus through The Global Gospel (TGG).

She writes:

“After surviving two cancers by God’s grace, I’m back to recording, working on a project that we have been preparing for (and praying for) since last year. I am thankful to God for keeping me alive and for the chance to be part of a project that depicts God’s compassion in these turbulent times.”

TGG is a set of 107 compelling stories taken directly from scripture to visually present Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Thirty-six languages are complete so far. 

Our team at GNPI-Philippines is expanding the reach of TGG even further by adding a Tagalog version, now in production. With over 50 million Filipino speakers and an additional 24 million speakers worldwide, Tagalog is the heart language of many people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus.

Our friend Glenda is the main narrator and project manager for TGG Tagalog. She is leading a team of actors as they dramatize the events of Jesus' life as they are recorded in Scripture. Her prayer is that many people will find peace in God’s love.

“God bless the entire team behind this endeavor. May it clearly communicate the message that no matter what pain we may be suffering right now, God gives comfort, clarity, and HOPE.”

We love working with Glenda and appreciate the passion and creativity she brings to every program. We’re also thrilled that a group of Filipino church leaders has partnered with us to fund 25% of this project! Working with global believers to impact their cultures with the gospel is at the core of our mission. You can echo Glenda’s prayer and ask that through The Global Gospel, many Tagalog speakers will meet the Savior who sustained her and offers hope to people all over the world.


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