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It’s Finally Time

May 08, 2019

It's finally time! After five years (1,825 days) of praying, working, and waiting, Amazing Stories is now live! This project is a strategic effort to deliver the gospel in a nation with one of the highest Muslim populations in the world. Viewers will be engaged through social media, original animation of 20 Bible stories, and specific follow-up.

You may remember we’ve experienced some significant challenges and setbacks with this project. Eight of the 10 animators working on the stories quit out of fear for all of the political unrest in the area. Also, a key coworker who coordinates the social media follow-up has recently returned from a leave of absence. This coworker experienced the illness and death of close family members within a short time span and faced her own health issues. Despite the delays, God has moved us forward in his perfect timing.

Amazing Stories has launched during the start of Ramadan, May 5—June 4. This is a significant season that Muslims devote to spiritual discipline and contemplation of their religious beliefs.

God has also unified local Christians so that 236 trained disciple makers scattered throughout the country are ready to connect with people who have questions about these stories from the Bible.

Please pray that people who are searching to know God better will find the Amazing Stories resources. The media strategy behind these animated stories includes questions, a phone app, and three different Facebook accounts.

Those who engage with the content will have the ability to download the stories, questions, and a Bible from the app. They can chat with people who have common interests from Facebook accounts and interact with the stories through questions. We feel honored to be part of this strategic plan to use media to reach people and connect them to the church.

For security reasons in the country where this project is launching, we are not able to share the link to the resources. Please join us in praying that God will prepare the hearts of the people in this predominantly Muslim country to encounter him through the truth of his word at this critical time.

Pray for the seed of hope we have in Christ to be planted in young hearts as they grow and begin to think about spiritual things.

See This Project

Amazing Stories


See This Project

Amazing Stories

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