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Free Easter Resources

Mar 31, 2020

Life can be full of heartache, suffering, and pain. That’s why Jesus came to earth to show us victory when He died and rose again! You can discover new hope in Jesus this Easter.

Please enjoy these free resources from GNPI as you celebrate and point your friends toward this great day. We have several languages of discipleship plans available on YouVersion this year as well as some classics.

The Global Gospel (TGG)

The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus' Ascension

For more languages, click here.


FreeBibleimages has thousands of downloads per day of TGG on their website. The total was 572,678 downloads of TGG last year!

Find discipleship plans in Chinese, Thai, Russian, Ukrainian, Tunisian Arabic, and Spanish available on YouVersion, the world’s most popular Bible app. Videos from The Global Gospel are included in these plans.


Year after year, we also get requests for these audio files, so we want to make them available to you as well.

  • Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion by Dr. Jameso Fuzzell
  • A Doctor Looks at the Crucifixion and Resurrection by Dr. Garland Bare

Praise God for giving us hope through Jesus!

See This Project

The Global Gospel


See This Project

The Global Gospel

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