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Easter Follow-Up

May 13, 2019

Manee Massey of GNPI-India

Our team is concerned about the people in our country. Ninety-eight percent of them don’t know the good news about Jesus! The government restricts opportunities for Christians to share their faith publicly throughout the year, so we must take advantage of the times we do have. One of those times is Easter (and the other is Christmas). Each year we create a special program to broadcast on national television. This year, two national TV networks aired our 2019 Easter program to a potential audience of over 40 million people.   

We are following up with viewers who interacted with us. Hundreds used our call-in number from 16 different states of India during the program. The callers told us they really liked the songs we produced for this year’s program. We try to connect them with local believers to answer their questions and help them grow in their faith.

Our coworkers were especially thrilled to speak with some of the Hindu callers who asked us if we could send them Bibles in Hindi. In addition, we also offered to send them The Global Gospel stories of Christ in their language.

Praying for many non-Christians was touching, and we were encouraged to be able to begin building relationships with them. Many Christians also wanted to let us know they enjoyed the program and asked us to pray for their families, health issues, or other problems. It was amazing to hear many people praising God for the songs and message they heard on the program.

Your prayers and support helped us complete another successful Easter telecast. Thank you!


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