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Celebrating The Global Gospel

Jun 05, 2019

Don DeWelt, founder of College Press Publishing, hired artist Paula Giltner to paint the pictures for The Pictorial Life of Christ nearly 45 years ago. Paula said funds ran out before she completed the last pictures of the project, and the artwork sat on the shelf unused for several years.

Today this same artwork is available for free all over the world as part of The Global Gospel (TGG). The project is now available in 32 languages (plus a version with Mexican sign language) and has 1.2 million views on YouTube!

GNPI partners with Free Bible images to share these photos and videos. Their reports show that viewers have downloaded a total of 934,924 story sets in the past three years.

Other channels of distribution for TGG include 200+ Solar Kits,, Bible translators, 500 thumb drives to Chinese house churches, printed booklets, and DVDs.

Visit to see which language is coming next.

Share God’s word with people around the world!

See This Project

The Global Gospel


See This Project

The Global Gospel

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