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New Hope

Sep 19, 2019

We'd like to share our latest update about the OneTribe Peace Project in Juba Arabic. Our team at GNPI-Uganda has completed all 52 episodes of the radio series. It's a practical and popular way to reach out with the good news of Jesus to the four million refugees living in this region. Below, three team members who worked on the project share about how it has affected them and why they’re passionate about spreading the gospel of peace in their region.



We just finished the final episode of the Juba Arabic OneTribe series, and I am so excited! For those of you who don’t know, this is a series of 52 radio episodes that have aired on radio stations throughout northern Uganda and South Sudan. It has reached many displaced people living in refugee camps, who were forced to flee from their homes in war-torn regions. 

Spending time with the team that has worked on these recordings has been impactful for me. We’ve listened to each other, shared some of our stories, and worked together on a project that we hope will change our communities. Many of us come from places where conflict is rife, destroying villages and tearing apart families. Some of our pain comes through in the recordings. Despite the challenging parts, it has been an exciting and rewarding experience.  

Thank you for being part of this journey. We appreciate every bit of support GNPI donors have offered us. You are part of this project, too! Hopefully, this is just the beginning. 



For many people, the OneTribe program has meant new hope. It offers a new beginning for families who have lost loved ones as violence and tragedy have broken out in their countries. When they listen to this program, it inspires them to consider that a different future is possible.

For me, this experience was especially meaningful because of my background. My family lived in the refugee camps, moving from barrack to barrack. We never lived in peace but always amid hostility. In 2008, I set out on my own, seeking a new life. When I was asked to work on the OneTribe Peace Project recordings, I saw my own experiences mirrored back to me in the scripts.

Working on this project has changed me. The principles from this material are now in me. It has changed the way I speak and the way I interact with my friends. It’s part of who I am now. 

I believe the OneTribe Peace Project will have a significant impact on Africa. People are listening. They know when the episodes air, and they make sure they tune in. Change is a process that takes time, but it is possible. Because the OneTribe Peace Project has transformed me, I am sure it will transform others. 



I am from South Sudan, and I had the privilege of being an actor on this version of the OneTribe Peace Project. To me, OneTribe means all the tribes in my country are coming together, living in peace and forgiveness. It’s such a beautiful thing.

After I read through the first episode, I thought, “These people are talking to me.” They killed my uncle in the war in 2016, and it was a very painful thing. I thought I would never forgive his murderers. But working on the OneTribe recordings has changed me, and I’m so grateful.

When people listen to these episodes and seriously consider the content, it will help them forgive. That’s what this project is all about: forgiveness. Many people in this part of the world have lost loved ones. They’ve gone through so much trauma, and I genuinely believe the OneTribe Peace Project will help them.

Our nation must understand that peace is the foundation of bringing people together and living in harmony. I haven’t always thought this way, but when I started reading these episodes, they changed my mind. I’m very thankful I am part of this project so that more people will hear this message and be changed, too.

If you’d like to read the insights of the team leader for the OneTribe Peace Project in Juba Arabic, please visit this page.

See This Project

OneTribe Peace Project


See This Project

OneTribe Peace Project

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