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Sep 19, 2019




We’re thrilled to report that the GNPI-Uganda team has completed all 52 episodes of the OneTribe Peace Project in Juba Arabic, a language spoken in South Sudan. With over four million refugees living in this region, we’ll now be able to tell even more hurting people about the peace that’s available to them in Jesus Christ. The team leader, Juma, shares about his experiences working on this project.

I think everybody is responsible for our societies and for the individuals who are part of our communities. South Sudan is my home, and I am concerned about all that goes on in the lives of people around me, whether they are my brothers or my neighbors. 

I’m proud to be part of the OneTribe program. This project is vital to our nation. There are key ideas in each episode, which have transformed me as an individual. Because of the principles taught in this radio program, I can shake the hand of someone whom I considered my enemy.

Through working on this project, I’ve realized why it is so effective: it enables people to understand that we are one. We are all connected, regardless of our differences. Although my nation, South Sudan, has 63 different tribes, we are one people.  

This gives me hope that when refugees and others who hear the program return home, their communities will never be the same. They will transform in ways that are only possible if we first have peace with God. As this program broadcasts, the gospel of peace will go out to the nation of South Sudan and help make that transformation possible.

As part of the production team, I feel compelled to live in a way that aligns with this gospel of peace. I want people to see peace in me. That means the way I live my life should display the message I preach.

OneTribe has equipped me to help people who are hurting and speak into their lives. I can encourage people who need to embrace peace and to forgive others. Along with the other radio actors, my voice will speak across the airwaves. People will notice how I’m living. I want them to see an exemplary life. OneTribe has transformed me, and I now carry the mantle of building peace.

Without the partnership of GNPI’s supporters, I don’t think my people would hear this program. With your help, I see everyone coming together, working for this purpose, putting all our effort into this project. That alone is an exceptional accomplishment. What we are doing now, working together across languages and tribes and people groups, will save Africa in years to come. We must reach out to our communities to transform their lives for the kingdom of God.

The message of peace is the message of Christ. When he was going back to heaven, he said, “My peace I leave with you.” GNPI’s global work reminds me that reaching our communities in the name of Christ is what God calls everyone to do. To all our partners at GNPI, I am very grateful and humbled by your support, both in prayer and finances. Being part of this project has helped me realize I am not alone. Thank you! 

Please watch for the update next week to read the perspectives of others who contributed to this project.

See This Project

OneTribe Peace Project


See This Project

OneTribe Peace Project

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