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Bundles of Joy

Sep 08, 2020

In the middle of the disappointment, disunity, and darkness of 2020, our global team also sees rays of sunshine.

Click below to watch a video of Sunday school songs created by our team at GNPI-SE Asia.

On a personal note, several coworkers have welcomed little ones into their families within the last year:

Mike’s grandchildren - Hudson and Emery in the U.S.

Tom’s grandchildren - Corinne and Jane in the U.S.

Mindy’s grandson - Zion in the U.S.

Stan's grandson - expected in November in the U.S.

Timothy’s granddaughter - Mayzamiram in SE Asia

Aung Shine Shine's son - Pongshine Aung in SE Asia

Kangsa’s son - Nang Hee San Lynn Ram in SE Asia

Pa See’s son - Cassian in the U.S. - Now she’s staying home to care for both her little ones.

Manee’s daughter - Merlin in India

Irene’s daughter - Ariah in Kenya

Timothy’s daughter - Deborah in Kenya

Juliet’s son - Asher in Uganda

Ellen’s daughter - Miracle in the Philippines

We celebrate with these families in raising up a new generation. May our spiritual families (and yours too!) multiply in the same way.

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