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Building Bridges

May 13, 2020

Bridges are important in travel and in relationships. Without them, the journey may take significantly more time and effort. It's difficult to build a bridge from nothing, yet bridges are often what we need to reach our Muslim neighbors. 

At GNPI we use technology as the bridge to navigate the gap between Islam and Christianity. Please look at some of these fantastic “bridges” you can use to share the love of Jesus with your Muslim neighbors. 

The Global Gospel (TGG) - a set of 107 visual stories based on the life and teachings of Jesus. You’ve helped us produce several TGG language versions for predominantly Muslim areas, including Arabic (two Bible versions), Bahasa Indonesian, Bosnian, Crimean Tatar, Farsi, Indian Urdu, Swahili, and Turkish. TGG Somali is almost finished. Thanks to you, we have nearly 40 versions of TGG available.

Jesus Story - This 13-part series of half-hour programs includes an engaging host who introduces a few segments of The Global Gospel. The series is available in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Pakistani Urdu versions. The Swahili version is coming soon.

Care Page - Two ministry partners collaborated with GNPI to create the Care Page. This put Jesus Story in front of kids by reaching out to Muslim mothers. It has resulted in several professions of faith, Bible distributions, and counseling sessions. 

Hekayat (Stories) for Kids - The same partner who had the idea to create Jesus Story recently started a new project using Facebook livestream to combine audience interaction and Jesus Story to reach Arabic-speaking families.

One Tribe Peace Project reaches out to those in war-torn areas. GNPI-Uganda, along with OneTribe, produced a 42-episode series focusing on biblical messages and conflict resolution. Juba Arabic and Sudanese Arabic are complete, with Madi still in progress.

Online Acts Class - We have partnered with a man named George on his Arabic translation of Mark Moore's Next Step class on Acts. Eight of the videos are available on his website.

During the season of Ramadan, would you join us in prayer for our Muslim neighbors? Please pray that these media tools will bring many to recognize the truth that Jesus is more than just a prophet, he is the savior of all. Let’s continue working together to share the good news around the world.

You are not alone in your journey to reach your neighbors. Technology is our bridge, so that no one experiences the frustration of a "Closed" sign in their journey to Jesus. 

You can learn more about many of these projects here


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