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An Unforgettable Trip

Feb 13, 2020

After connecting with GNPI’s founder, Ziden Nutt, in the late '90s, Timothy went on to start a series of strategic evangelism initiatives aimed at reaching Buddhists with the gospel. Since then, Timothy has partnered with GNPI on a variety of media projects and has traveled throughout SE Asia, sharing the gospel and seeing it bear fruit. Below, Timothy shares an update about his recent travel and opportunities.  

Along with my fellow evangelist, Kangsa, I traveled to one of the northern states in December. We had been invited by an associate pastor who had attended one of our month-long training sessions. He offered us a unique opportunity to share the gospel with a large group of students and teachers.

Sharing the Gospel with Hundreds

The church had been asked by a local middle school to plan a Christmas celebration for their students. Although they’d been actively serving the school for a while, every time the church tried to share the gospel at an event, they were rejected. People regularly walked out as soon as the gospel was preached. 

So, at the school’s request, they planned a day-long holiday celebration for students that included games and prizes, plus a morning and evening service where I would preach the gospel. On the day of the celebration, more than 1,200 people showed up, including teachers, students, and community members. 

Miraculously, no one walked out of the event when I started preaching! Instead, everyone quietly listened as I told them about the one true God and how they could know him. About 50 members of the church were also present, and they handed out 100 copies of the New Testament in Burmese and 1,000 GNPI tracts.

We don’t know how many seeds of faith were planted in their hearts, but both the church and the school agreed that this was the best celebration they’d ever held. 

Sharing the Gospel with One

The school hired a car to take us from this state back to the capital city, and on the drive there, we shared the gospel with our driver. The driver said, "What you shared with me is the truth. You convinced my heart to see the true God." The next day, we shared the gospel with another driver. He, too, accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said, “I am convinced that we Buddhists are on the wrong path." Kangsa and I returned home full of joy in Christ! 

In large auditoriums and small cars, God is giving us opportunities to share the life-giving message of hope through his Son, Jesus Christ. We are thrilled that more and more Buddhists are leaving their former religion and recognizing the God of the Bible as the one true God.

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See This Project

The Timothy Project

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