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5 Favorite Videos

Feb 20, 2020



Nathanael Dunn, Vice President of International Operations


Forgotten (Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa): Our team in South Africa showed immense creativity and a keen eye with this short film. What seems post-apocalyptic ends up hitting quite close to home for the church today.

Changed (GNPI-Thailand): Our regional center in Thailand produces numerous testimony videos every year. They did particularly good work with this story about a volatile village man who alienated everyone in his life before finding redemption in Christ.

Activate Us (GNPI-SE Asia): GNPI’s regional center in SE Asia creates monthly projects that include a praise music video with a brief accompanying message. This is one of their best from 2019.

The Global Gospel in Mexican Sign Language (GNPI-Mexico): Our regional center in Piedras Negras, Mexico, made GNPI history this year by creating the first version of The Global Gospel series for the deaf.

Jesus in Cinema (GNPI-Eurasia): GNPI’s regional center in Eurasia produces many science and apologetics seminars. This one about the portrayals of Jesus in film caught our eye in particular last year.


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