Zindagi Aaj

The Project

By incorporating simple feedback mechanisms within each episode, GNPI-India will have the ability to engage viewing audiences in conversations about issues the series causes them to think about. They will be able to provide further resources and possible connections into local discipleship networks. In essence, the broader goal of the television production is to identify people taking steps to know Jesus.

Though a relatively new strategy, GNPI-India has achieved fantastic results in testing feedback mechanisms in special productions. For instance, a Christmas production aired on national television, much the same way the marriage series will be, yielded nearly 450 follow-up calls to 23 states. More than 25 copies of GNPI’s The Global Gospel program, along with other resources, were distributed as a result of the calls. Seventy-one percent of respondents said they’d like to be notified of future broadcasts.

For Indians who call, GNPI envisions church planting networks to offer a community of people who can walk with them as they explore a relationship with Jesus. For example, Mid India church partners work with more than 100 local churches. Understanding which churches are close in proximity to those who contact GNPI for more information, resources, or an opportunity to go to church, would heighten the overall effectiveness and impact of the media project.


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