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Project Nomad

How trainings work

We have two official levels. After Level One, trainees should be able to produce a video interview with B-roll. Skills to make a dramatic short film are taught in Level Two. Beyond this, additional training is offered upon request of the trainees.
Training is most often led by a local GNPI staff member. The curriculum stays the same for each Nomad team, but the teaching style is catered to the culture.

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Nomad Academy

Project Nomad goes digital with Nomad Academy, an online training platform that not only teaches content creation but online strategy and distribution as well. By utilizing the Internet, we aren’t only expanding our program but also our international reach. The curriculum uses simple wording for English language learners which we plan to quickly translate into several strategic languages. GNPI’s international staff members will serve as regional Nomad Academy coaches, providing guidance for students as they work their way through the material. To help me explain each major course of Nomad Academy, here are four of those international coaches



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