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Project Nomad

Where are the teams?

Pachuca, Mexico

Project Nomad-Pachuca, Mexico, produces training materials for the local church where several team members work and then shares those videos with pastors in central Mexico. Their videos are used during church services and the church’s community programs. Their ongoing project, Iglesias Creativas (Creative Churches), has allowed the team to produce materials to train Christians in using technology and multimedia tools that can help make a greater evangelistic impact. 

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Santiago, Chile

Project Nomad-Santiago, Chile, works in partnership with Iglesia de Cristo Church in Santiago to create worship videos. This team shares the Gospel through social media with many young people in the city of Santiago, with the hope that this media will not only be useful locally but globally, as well. Their latest project is a series of short videos and music to focus on how the coming of Jesus has changed the world and can also change the lives of individuals. 

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Eldoret, Kenya

Project Nomad-Eldoret, Kenya, was GNPI's first Project Nomad team, and they continue to create videos addressing a wide range of culturally relevant topics with the Gospel message. The team works with many communities in the Great Rift Valley, such as the Pokot, Tugens, Marakwets, and Turkanas. In this region, inter-community conflicts and wars abound. With the help of a GNPI Solar Kit, the team started showing films and producing videos that focused on Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace. As a result, inter-community conflicts have drastically decreased, and these communities meet together in newly planted churches to solve their problems amicably with love.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, is a team of four people who focus their production efforts on relevant cultural issues in communities in and around Johannesburg. The team works in partnership with Reaching and Teaching Ministries. They also help local churches, missionaries, and teachers make health and education videos dealing with topics that range from AIDS/HIV to materialism. 

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Northeast India (Specific place is not listed for security reasons.)

This team formed four years ago. A pastor, our local leader for students, recently arranged a one-day media workshop and Nomad preview for anyone interested in their local area. Around 26 students from five different places traveled to attend the media workshop. This workshop gave the students an overview of the training and also explained the Nomad definition very clearly. The youth and locals in this region have great passion for Jesus, creating worship music videos, biblical teaching series, testimonies, and even short films.


South India (Specific place is not listed for security reasons.)

Project Nomad-India is connected with a local Bible college. This team was formed in 2012 and has created several culturally relevant films that have been distributed throughout southern India via social media outlets.This team has also provided basic video training for students in West Bengal, so they can create faith-based media in that area.

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Nomad Academy

Project Nomad goes digital with Nomad Academy, an online training platform that not only teaches content creation but online strategy and distribution as well. By utilizing the Internet, we aren’t only expanding our program but also our international reach. The curriculum uses simple wording for English language learners which we plan to quickly translate into several strategic languages. GNPI’s international staff members will serve as regional Nomad Academy coaches, providing guidance for students as they work their way through the material. To help me explain each major course of Nomad Academy, here are four of those international coaches



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