Merry Christmas, India


GNPI’s team in India knows that engaging Indian culture in Jesus’ name is no small task, but they are certainly up for the challenge. While Christmas is celebrated in India, many don’t understand its true meaning. That’s why Manee Massey and his team are gearing up for their 8th annual Christmas program, which will broadcast on national television, and reach over 40 million viewers across the country.

Many Hindus wait in eager anticipation to know the truth about Christmas. This broadcast will offer that truth, along with an opportunity for Indian performers and Jesus followers to shine their light and talents within their own culture. It will challenge traditional beliefs, while remaining relevant by upholding and celebrating pieces of Indian culture which don’t conflict with biblical truths. Programs include music videos with orphans and special needs children, as well as messages from the respected Dr. Ajai Lall. This year it will air in two languages on Christmas Eve for 30 minutes. Some families will host viewing parties, and others are the only Christians in their families, boldly asking God for help in sharing the truth of Christ to their loved ones.

GNPI doesn’t produce media merely for entertainment; the intention is to begin conversations which will eventually lead people into a lasting relationship with Jesus and his Church. Therefore, possibly the most exciting piece of the program is Manee’s robust follow-up strategy. Lives are impacted as viewers are invited to call a toll-free number to ask whatever questions they may have about Christmas. They may request Christian resources, more information, or connection with a believer who is willing to guide them through Christ’s story and his promises. Manee remarks on this process:

It was very emotional to talk with some of the Hindu callers who were open to discussing life, Christ, and Christianity. We prayed with many people over the phone. We tried to be open to do whatever we could for these valuable viewers.

There is also an opportunity to download and re-watch the Christmas materials, as thousands have done over the years. Those who don’t have the ability to download files can also order a DVD to be shared with small groups and family; some have even re-aired it on local TV stations! GNPI continues to use whatever resource is relevant to make Christ famous. We call it strategic evangelism, and it won’t happen without you!

Production for the 2018 program costs $4,000.  Click here to make a donation to help fund this program.


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