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Giving Tuesday

I love the people who do the ministry and do the work, and I love that for 46 years, GNPI has adapted to new forms for technology, from filmstrips to satellite broadcasts to videos and phone apps.

I love GNPI because of the opportunity to create content that reveals Christ and transforms people's lives. The thought of youth (or people of any age) coming to Christ through our productions is very fulfilling.

I love GNPI because of their love for God's people and the lost. I love how they are using technology, social media, and creativity to share the gospel at a global level. Our teams are sharing Christ through music like never before.

I love that GNPI spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ to cultures all around the world through local teams like us here in South Africa. Just to think, for every one dollar you give, 43 people will hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

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