Clay Goes to VBS!

Could your church use some new videos to help your kids develop a love for missions? Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for Vacation Bible School. We’ve developed a series of short three-minute videos that will not only entertain your kids, but inspire them to give generously to help fund projects like The Global Gospel in other languages.

Meet Clay!

This little guy will be the host of these sessions. He’ll teach the kids about showing compassion, the importance of having tools in other languages, and much more! Group facilitators can expand on the messages in the videos as well as lead discussions and other activities that will help create a global mindset.

The videos are free to download and use, so why wait? Grab them now.

Click here to download!

The following is a brief description of each video in the series:

Episode 1: Meet Clay and find out how you can help the Oriya people in India.

Episode 2: See a clip from The Global Gospel and learn what it means to show compassion.

Episode 3: Learn why Solar Kits are important for helping people learn about Jesus.

Episode 4: See a picture of what heaven will be like, with people from all nations and languages praising God together.

Bonus Video: "Meet Anay!" - Let us introduce you to some of the individuals GNPI is seeking to connect to Jesus.




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