“Chanuka!” Youth Series

Nairobi, Kenya

The Chanuka! (Smarten Up!) series is a compilation of short video clips based on scripture, specifically from 1 Timothy 4:12. These videos touch on various topics that young people struggle with, such as gossip, forgiveness, everyday conversation, and a biblical perspective on creation.

The Nomad team in Eldoret began producing this series for their rural audience. Our team at GNPI-Kenya in Nairobi liked the series so well that they began producing an urban version of the series. 

So far, the GNPI-Kenya team has recorded a total of 14 episodes of the urban version. Their vision is to complete about 50 episodes in the series. It costs about $300 to produce each one. They are preparing for six new programs for next season, and they need help with production expenses. Would you consider a gift today to help the next generation in Kenya learn how to apply God’s word in their lives?

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