Amazing Stories

Turning Online Interactions Into Real-Life Connections

Step One: Build a Follow-Up Network

To help us turn online interactions into real-life connections, we joined a consortium of ministries and churches who share a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database. This database will allow us to track users who watch or share the Amazing Stories videos, people who respond to our digital ads, and those who download our app. The CRM database helps us gather, analyze, and use the data we collect to guide future interactions with the app users.

As we learn more about the people who are using our resources and how they’re using them, we’ll also learn more about their spiritual needs. We can craft content that addresses the questions they have about Jesus and encourages further connections. (More about that in Step 5).

Step Two: Design Media Interfaces

To date, Shawn Tyler has written 10 New Testament stories and 10 Old Testament stories for the Amazing Stories project. From these 20 stories, 15 animated videos have already been produced. We’re currently testing the mobile app described above, and we’re developing a texting system that will help us interact and follow-up with users, too. We’re also planning to create printed book versions of the stories in this series, with artwork that corresponds to the videos and text that can be translated into multiple languages.

Step Three: Create A Virtual Social Network

To engage our target audience, we’re launching a social media campaign that will reach the three personas we identified as our target audience. One site will appeal to our 28-year-old single mother, with topics that will interest her and resonate with her own life story. A second site will have content that appeals to raising successful families with interactive advice on parenting, health, and nutrition. A third site will be specific to the animated video series and provide release dates, topical discussions, and a response portal for the viewers.

We’ll use digital advertising to point people to these pages and encourage sharing and comments. All of these sites will send user data to our CRM database and help us better engage with individual users.   

Step Four: Gather Information

As users watch videos, interact with the app, and participate in social media conversations, we’ll be learning more about them and their beliefs. Our CRM database tracks all this information and helps us move people through an evangelism process.

As we suggest additional parenting resources, discipleship groups, and other opportunities to users, we are moving them toward connection with local groups of Christians. This is the end goal of the project. The stories, videos, resources, and app are all designed to help Muslims understand who Jesus is and then to connect them with someone who knows Jesus.  

Step Five: Facilitate Interactions

As users engage with our content online, they’ll be encouraged to download the Amazing Stories app to access additional videos and family activities. Since the app requires a name and phone number or email address, we’ll be able to collect contact info for individual users.

When users download the Amazing Stories app, they’ll have access not only to the stories but an entirely interactive experience. The app asks users to respond to videos through questions that pop up as they view content and offers viewers the written version of each story. A link is also provided which allows viewers to download a Bible app so they can read more stories directly from God's word. Ultimately, it provides users with the opportunity to connect with local discipleship groups where people can answer their questions about the Bible, the gospel, and Jesus.

Step Six: Archive, Process, and Act Upon Data

Our CRM uses a well-known data analysis software program used in the business world, which helps us to generate and nurture leads. The data in the system helps gauge user receptivity and tells us when a viewer is ready to visit with someone about spiritual issues or to make a decision to follow Christ.

Our partnerships with local congregations provide ideal opportunities to pass along this data for follow-up and to connect users with discipleship networks. The data collected is used by a collaborative network to respond to user requests for more information, resources, or access to personal interaction through a discipleship group.


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