Amazing Stories

New Media, New Opportunities

Although we’re developing and testing Amazing Stories for the Muslim population in a specific region, once established, this project can be adapted for many other languages and people groups. The Amazing Stories project is a great example of how digital technologies have changed the way GNPI and other groups think about reaching people with the gospel.

Throughout our history, we’ve focused on producing media for different cultures. We used these methods to effectively tell the story of Jesus to people all over the world. We were always careful to share the gospel in ways that were relevant to each culture.

Now, through digital and social media, we can put new tools into the hands of church workers and missionaries that are targeted to the specific people groups they’re trying to reach. We can craft content and resources with a particular audience in mind, and through these platforms, it’s easier than ever to distribute our content.

Not only that, but as we collect data, create social networks, and track virtual interactions, we can achieve measurable outcomes. We don’t have to wonder if these methods are effective; we can measure results and know for certain whether or not we’re having an impact. Through Amazing Stories, we’re using digital and social media to share the gospel more strategically and with more people.


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