Amazing Stories

Defining Our Audience

At the advice of our production company, we named the project Amazing Stories. Then, we began brainstorming about our target audience and how we would reach them. We imagined three personas:

An eight-year-old girl who lives in a small village with her parents. She’s motivated to learn more about the world outside her village.

A twelve-year-old boy who lives in poverty but loves the media he can access through his mother’s second-hand smartphone. He sees media as a way to not only entertain himself but to answer his questions.

A 28-year-old, divorced mother who is raising her daughter by working a factory job. She wants her daughter to learn new concepts and is very concerned with developing strong morals in her. She hopes her daughter will have better opportunities than she had.

Each “persona” helped us think about different economic, social, educational, and spiritual needs. With these audiences in mind, we created animated videos based on the stories Shawn had written. In addition to the videos, our production company is creating an interactive mobile app with additional resources. Parents can download the Amazing Stories app to find written versions of each story, the link to a Bible app, and a response form for viewers to start discussions with our follow-up team. The purpose of the app is to capture the attention of our audience and open conversations which paves the way for deeper interactions.

Through social media sites and messaging platforms (like Facebook and WhatsApp), we’ll share the Amazing Stories videos online. We’ll also use digital advertising to target Muslims who may have questions about the Christian faith and use these videos to introduce them to biblical truths.

Whether we’re sharing the videos on social media or using digital advertising to reach people, our goal is to point users to the Amazing Stories app. Through the app, we can connect with users to turn online interactions into real-life connections. How will that happen? We’ve outlined a six-step process to reach our goal.


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