The 1154 Challenge

What is the 1154 Challenge?

1154 people chose to follow Jesus last year as a direct result of GNPI projects around the world. That equals nearly three new believers every day! Your prayers and support play a vital role in sustaining our global teams, and we want them to have a strong support foundation for continuing their work.

We are asking you to GIVE financially and PRAY strategically for our efforts in 2019. Are you up for the challenge?

By accepting The 1154 Challenge, supporters like you can band together to sustain the initiatives that helped 1154 people choose to follow Jesus last year. It's all possible because of you!

Please consider whether you, your family, or your church could commit $1154. Set your alarm to 11:54am to pray with us for the lives that were changed last year and for GNPI to have even more impact in 2019. Believe with us that God can take our offerings and multiply them into more than we ask or even imagine!

How can I give?

You can give $1154 as a one time gift.

You can split $1154 with your friends, family, or church.

You can give $115.40 for three months.

You can give $11.54 for three months.


Ma Myint was a Buddhist and had the desire to be a good person. She didn’t understand who God was and prayed for an answer. A man trained by GNPI came to her village talking about the one true God. She heard about God in a way she never had before. The man did not argue about his God being better. He simply focused on the Savior. This caused Ma Myint to weep for joy. Her excitement was contagious, and she’s already used the same methods to help 30 others choose to follow Jesus.

God answered Ma Myint’s prayers, and through GNPI, she was equipped to tell others about him. Your support and prayers have built a worldwide network that helped 1154 people choose to follow Jesus last year. We have the opportunity to help another 1154 or more choose Jesus this year.

We need your Prayers

Your prayers are changing lives around the world.

You can help with the 1154 Challenge setting your alarms at 11:54am to pray every day for more than 1154 new disciples from last year and for GNPI to have even more impact in 2019.

We want to see similar or greater numbers this year. We’re coming to you, our partners, to issue the 1154 Challenge. We hope you will accept the challenge.

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The Timothy Project

Learn how Timothy is leading Buddhists to follow Christ in Southeast Asia