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Young Evangelists in Training

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Our ministry partner traveled to the central part of our region for leadership training with GNPI materials over the summer. Two young people who attended the meeting responded with these testimonies.


I am seventeen and a student in my first year of college. This summer I had the great privilege to attend Bible training. I now have a strong faith in Jesus through the lesson of the true God which the evangelist taught, and I also have a strong commitment to serve in His ministry.

After attending the training, I wanted to stop my college education and go to Bible college instead. I asked permission from my parents. They suggested I finish the secular education first and then go to Bible college. Though I am not studying in Bible college yet, I am sharing about the true God with my friends. As I share the Gospel with them, they also accept Jesus as the true God whom every nation should worship. I will continue to share this Message as much as I can.

kyaw-htet-linI am a 9th grade student. After I pass the matriculation exam, I will go to Bible college and serve the Lord in His ministry. In the past, I had no thought of becoming a minister of the Lord. However, after hearing the lesson of the true God whom every nation must worship, my mind was changed. My faith in God has also increased. In the past, I didn’t think about sharing the Message of God with my friends. I did not know how to explain my faith to them even if I had wanted to talk to them. Now I am talking to my friends and elders, and I try to share about the true God at every opportunity I have.

When I talk about God, some are very interested and some are not. For those who do not want to listen to my Message, I wish they could meet the evangelist who taught me over the summer. When the evangelist came, I asked him more about God. When I told him of my desire to go to Bible college, he affirmed me. I will continue to study and to share about God with new confidence. I would like to acknowledge that I have a strong desire to serve in ministry as the outcome of this training.

Please join us in praying for these young people and others like them as we try to encourage and equip them to make disciples for Christ of the next generation in SE Asia.

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