“You Are Free to Go, I Can No Longer Detain You”

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“You Are Free to Go, I Can No Longer Detain You”

an amazing story shared with GNPI by Tom Kilian, director of Mercy Partners

Tom Kilian, director of Mercy Partners, uses Solar Kits supplied by GNPI to share the Gospel in southern Sudan. He recently shared a story of how Christ was literally “magnified” to some customs agents. While we don’t have any photos of what happened, but photos probably could not have captured the moment as well as your imagination will.


Tom was detained by customs while entering Sudan. Normally not good news, but God gets his point across however he chooses. Tom wrote:

“What started as an inquiry, quickly elevated to my passport being snatched and a fee assessment was about to be conducted. The contents of the Solar Kit were strewn out across the cluttered counter and I could tell that the equipment on display left a complete question mark on the examination officer’s mind as he took each piece, examined it, and asked repetitively what each item was.”

Instead of trying to explain each part of the Kit individually, Tom asked if he could assemble it, show them what it was, and how it worked.

They agreed.

“As soon as the projector came on, it projected Jesus, seven feet tall on the customs office wall,” Tom said. “The clerk became troubled with reverence and refused to document the customs citation. Then the senior officer commanded me, ‘Pack it up, you are free to go, I can no longer detain you.’”

Thank you Jesus, for the freedom you provide. Certainly you are King of Kings and make the way straight for your servant, your mouthpiece.


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