Widows’ Mites Become Mighty Gifts

//Widows’ Mites Become Mighty Gifts

Widows’ Mites Become Mighty Gifts

Compiled by Dee Ann Miller, GNPI staff


In Luke 21, Jesus noticed the offerings of the widow who brought her coins to the temple. The ministry of GNPI is also blessed by widows who trust the Lord to work through GNPI in spreading the Gospel around the world.

Joyce writes, “What an amazing, God-glorifying ministry! Please use this small gift in some way to spread the precious news of Jesus.”

Saundra says, “Enclosed is my check for what I can give at this time. My budget is real close, so I cannot give every month. Yet, I have a list of missions I’m interested in and give to as I’m blessed. God has been so good to me, especially these past 23 years as a widow. I’ve always had enough.”

Joy says, “I have decided to increase my giving to $50 a month. The ministry is doing exciting things, and I want to be a bigger part of it.”

Ruth shares, “Thanks for the exciting work you are doing worldwide. Your recent newsletters showed much enthusiasm and great ideas. I’m praying for our workers in the Ukraine and their huge building project.”

Evelyn sends her gift and writes, “It sounds like GNPI is really spreading God’s Word well. I pray that God will continue to be with you.”

Thank you, ladies! Your gifts are making a difference. We are so grateful for your generosity, example, and prayers to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

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