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GNPI is a non-profit organization that accelerates global evangelism through media. Ziden Nutt founded GNPI in 1976. Ziden experienced firsthand on the mission field the desperate need for missionaries and nationals to have culturally relevant Biblical resources. As a result, Ziden began producing simple filmstrip series using language and images from the local culture.

Today, nearly four decades later, GNPI works through regional centers and Nomad teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve the 80% of people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials.



GNPI equips the body of Christ with culturally relevant media and technology to accelerate global evangelism.


To “fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14): GNPI will partner with the body of Christ to accelerate global evangelism.


Over nearly four decades, GNPI has built a solid foundation on several key values. They are core to every decision we make and inform the road ahead. GNPI’s core values are:

God’s Word

  • Ensure all endeavors are Biblically based.

Cultural Relevance

  • Customize resources for specific world communities.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Create synergy through global networks.


  • Infuse the ministry with imagination and innovation.


  • Aspire to reflect God’s glory in all we do.


  • Honor God in all relationships.

Mike Schrage

Executive Director

Tom Nutt

Director of Operations

Matt Brock

Director of Development
Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

International Director