Who Do I Give My Check To?

//Who Do I Give My Check To?

Who Do I Give My Check To?

by Angie Anderson, Executive Assistant, GNPI

“I’d like to purchase a Solar Kit,” the man said to me as we stood in front of the GNPI booth at the ICOM last month.
Although I’m a GNPI staff member, I had just come to participate in the conference, not to work at the booth. After attending one of the sessions, I just happened to pass by the booth at a time when other GNPI staff were all occupied in conversations or meetings. I noticed a couple of guys looking intently through the Solar Kit that was on display.

Even though I didn’t have a GNPI logo on my shirt, and I wasn’t wearing a nametag, I decided to stop and ask if they had any questions.

“Who do I give the check to?” the man asked, “And can you mail it to Pakistan?”

As the forwarding agent for a missionary in Pakistan, the gentleman proceeded to write out a check for the full $1,000 and give it to me along with his contact information and the Pakistani mailing address.

He was so convinced that the Solar Kit would multiply the Gospel’s impact in Pakistan that all he needed was someone to take his check. It was an honor to fill in as the link between the resource and the need.

Lord, may your Word go out with power in Pakistan and produce fruit for eternity!

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