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Your Name:
Name of you Ministry:
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:


Please list any US references or supporting churches that you might have which we may contact:
Local Ministry Association (if applicable):


Please outline how you intend to use the Solar Kit over the next year.
Include estimates of the frequency of use and the number of people you hope to reach by using the Solar Kit.

2 Responses to “Solar Kit Application”

By Scott and Margaret Smith - 25 January 2015 - Reply

Dear colleagues at GNPI, exciting to hear about and read about your ministry, so key to reaching those yet unreached. Thank you for considering this application. We are very committed to reaching Equatorial Guinea with translated Scriptures in the mother tongues, but most EquatoGuineans are still preliterate in their mother tongues (even though many are literate in Spanish), so video becomes very crucial for reaching them. And because there are still hundreds of villages here without electricity, your solar kit would be a real boon to evangelism efforts in those villages. Blessings on you in all you’re doing. In Christ,

Scott Smith, SIL EG team leader

By Juan Lizárraga Ayón - 4 March 2015 - Reply

By Juan Antonio Lizárraga Ayón, 4 March 2015
Thank you very much for thinking of those who have not heard the gospel yet. Thank you very much also for this ministry, I’m sure is a very useful tool to reach those who do not know the gospel yet
In Christ, thank you very much

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