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GNPI accelerates global evangelism through strategically positioned Regional Centers and Project Nomad.
Creating culturally relevant media equips local ministries and missionaries to effectively share Christ in their communities.

What is the difference between a Regional Center and Project Nomad?

Regional Centers

GNPI regional centers are strategic hubs for production, distribution, and training. Because most of the staff in the regional centers are native to that culture, they know best how to create resources that address the specific social and spiritual needs of the local people. Through the culturally relevant media they produce, people are introduced to Christ and engaged in discipleship.

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Project Nomad

Believers and faith-based organizations thirst for media training that prepares them to share the Gospel. Project Nomad meets this need by equipping believers around the world with resources to produce biblically based, culturally relevant media projects and strategies.

These grassroots media teams are able to quickly identify cultural trends and produce projects having maximum impact. It’s not just video evangelism. It’s using biblical principles to address social issues, allowing non-believers to hear God’s Word and change the way they interact with others.

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