What a Way to Start!

//What a Way to Start!

What a Way to Start!

We want to take just a moment to look back at 15 things God did at GNPI in 2013. This isn’t the entire list by any stretch, but reflecting on God’s goodness is a great way to begin the new year. We’re counting our blessings and eagerly awaiting what’s to come in 2014. So, here we go:

1. Five key staff additions in the Joplin office.
2. An overall GNPI ministry strategic plan is now complete.
3. The first ever fundraising event for the Multi-Purpose Resource Center in Ukraine was successful and a helpful learning experience! (The goal of $100,000 has been raised and matched by Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky!)
4. Phone App development for The Global Gospel has started in both Joplin, Missouri, and Damoh, India.
5. The Global Gospel is completed in 5 major languages, 11 more languages are in production, and another 56 languages are in the initial stages.
6. The French version of The Global Gospel is moving along as the Mali NOMaD team is doing the work on this project.
7. There has been an open broadcasting door in the Philippines recently. Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines was so encouraged when she learned that a professor at a Catholic university has been showing episodes of WWJD and discussing the principles of the program with his 200 students.
8. Major strategic planning for the Hispanic world began.
9. Jason Miller, NOMaD Coordinator, has completed a new training format for project NOMaD!
10. Jason began a trip that will carry over into January, that took him to India for NOMaD training, and to Indonesia to survey the possibility for a NOMaD team there.
11. Potential new NOMaD teams (#7 and #8) in Chile and Ukraine have received initial training and continue to receive online training.
12. GNPI has a new Board member, Nick Parsons.
13. GNPI’s online presence is growing stronger than ever before. We have surpassed 1100 friends on Facebook!
14. More than $50,000 was raised from the Go-Kart fundraising event in Arizona (nearly 130 Solar Kits were funded in 2013).
15. There has been a successful transition of regional director from Prince Makaya to Isaac Masiga in Kenya this year.

With God at the helm of GNPI, what an amazing hope-filled future it will be!

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