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We Adore Your Glory

The Nomad team in Pachuca, Mexico, is getting settled in their new facility.


They are having a few issues with electricity and Internet while other areas of the church building are being completed. The team continues to provide support for the church in addition to completing other scheduled projects.



Here are the words to the chorus of their latest live recording:

He is the King of all glory
Mercy and kindness describe you, Jesus
Full of unending love
Willing to forgive and to restore


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By Rick Gold - 2 December 2015 - Reply

I hope perhaps one day we might coproduce a series with a group from Nava….I have been taking fotos and videos with a handful of youth from collosos colonias who visit TEMPLO Aleluya for comedor and when I am in town, we do creative things…I taught multi media for years, now retired….visit frontera 2x per month with aid and projects to work on……visited with Gustavo at your PN studios a few months ago…our friend Isiah Escobedo connected us and look forward to talking soon…maybe we could assemble a Nomad team @Templo Aleluya?

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