Was THAT Spanish??

//Was THAT Spanish??

Was THAT Spanish??


Project NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller has a great heart, but his Spanish leaves much to be desired. It is evident in this funny video clip, cultural relevance really is important. We don’t want to produce materials for Chileans to use in ministry, we want Chileans producing what will be best understood in their context!

The short clip below is from a video that was shown to 30-40 pastors in Chile, South America. Greg Fish, a new staff member in Joplin, actually grew up in Chile, so you’ll see him on the video speaking fluently and being a bit more culturally relevant! The goal of the whole 4-minute version was to help spark connections between these pastors and the NOMaD team in Santiago. Since Chileans culturally have a great sense of humor, we wanted to make them laugh in the process.

 Even if, like Jason, you don’t understand Spanish, you’ll laugh as you watch him try to say the Spanish lines Greg is feeding him.

This may be a light-hearted and funny story, but the progress and expansion of project NOMaD is no laughing matter. The potential for exponential growth is very exciting! Chile is just one new place where we are equipping and training nationals to use media for God’s glory.

Please join us in praying for the ever-growing and evolving NOMaD initiative.

Go to www.gnpi.org/nomad for more information.


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