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Warriors of the Faith

Abi Flores from GNPI-Mexico

One of the highlights for me on a recent trip to western Mexico was meeting some artisans from the Huichol culture. The Huichols are descendants of the Aztec Indians and their animistic, mystical culture has remained unchanged for hundreds of years in the isolated mountains. Their traditional religion focuses on four main deities: corn, blue deer, peyote cactus, and eagles. They are known for their colorful bead and yarn work. This Huichol couple shared their powerful testimony with me of how they heard the gospel and chose to follow Jesus.

Their story made a great impact on me because I know it’s difficult to influence the core values of ethnic groups. Don Fino, his wife, and two other Huichols are now sharing their faith with others. I admire their courage and determination.

I learned they are excluded from many of the gatherings held by the Huichol community because they have different beliefs. They even moved to another area because they are not looked on favorably by their community.

My new Huichol friends said they heard the gospel from Pastor Gonzalo Garcia who lives in the region. I have known Pastor Garcia since I was a little girl. He left the church I attend in northeast Mexico because he felt God was calling him to start a church in that area. Before moving away, Pastor Garcia was one of my favorite guests on Buenas Nuevas Radio. He presented encouraging messages and also wrote and sang songs for an album called The Lord Is with Me.

I thank God for the chance to meet these warriors of the faith who are reaching people in remote places who have never heard about Jesus. God reminded me of the important work I am doing at GNPI to encourage people in their faith in Jesus, allowed me to better understand a different culture within this country, and showed me how he draws people together.


This is just one amazing example of the work your partnership is allowing us to do around the globe. Your donations help GNPI share the gospel with thousands of people who have never had the opportunity to hear it. You are making an impact.

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